CONFIRMED: First Trailer For Gerard Butler & 50 Cent Team-Up Film ‘Den Of Thieves’ This Week


You read that right. STX Entertainment is set to drop the first trailer for Den of Thieves – the unbelievable-sounding team-up between Gerard Butler and 50 Cent – this week. The trailer has been sent out to North American cinemas by Deluxe Digital with copies of The Foreigner, and we expect this first look to come online in the days ahead.

Screenshot at Oct 09 14-36-55.png

An elite crew of bank robbers sets out to pull off the ultimate heist and get to the money first, right under the noses of Los Angeles’ most feared division of law enforcement.

Starring Gerard Butler, 50 Cent, Pablo Schreiber, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Evan Jones, Dawn Olivieri, Mo McRae and Max Holloway, Den of Thieves is released January 19 in the U.S., followed by the UK on February 2.

Via Deluxe Digital