UPDATE: ‘Granite Mountain Hotshots’ Is Now ‘Only The Brave’ – Trailer This Week


UPDATE: The official Facebook page launched just minutes ago, confirming that Only The Brave is indeed the new title for Granite Mountain Hotshots! (h/t @AmandaMarie_19)

Now, this is a weird one. This week’s trailer updates show a trailer for a Sony film called Only The Brave…except there is no film with such a title on publicly available info regarding the studio’s 2017 slate. Is it a re-titled Granite Mountain Hotshots? Or something else?

Screenshot at Jul 17 19-33-36

Whatever it may be, this new trailer has been sent to North American cinemas by Deluxe Digital, and we expect it online in the days ahead. We will update as soon as we hear more about what film this is for, exactly…